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1230 Gray Court • Eustis, FL 32726

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Structured Finance Programs. Today, there are numerous non-conventional sources of capital available for a wide variety of property types, borrower profiles and project scenarios. In broad terms, the industry commonly refers to any loan that is not plain-vanilla as Structured Finance

Small Business Administration. It is important to acknowledge that this Information Sheet provides only basic information and is not intended to detail every possible loan scenario. Each Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA B&I loan request is evaluated on its individual merits. You are encouraged to contact one of our representatives when you are contemplating a specific transaction so that detailed information can be provided that is unique to your particular situation.

Industrial Development Bonds. An IDB is a type of tax-free or taxable municipal bond to finance construction and expansion or for long-term financing of commercial or industrial properties.

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Spotlight 1 Land loans, Medical Office buildings and Warehouses.

Spotlight 2 Warehouses, Home Office Headquarters and Shopping Centers.

Spotlight 3 Shopping Centers, Condo Office Suites and Development Loans.

Spotlight 4 Mobile Home Park, Shopping Centers, Land Acquisition and Construction Loans.

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