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Founded in 2003

1230 Gray Court • Eustis, FL 32726

1230 Gray Court • Eustis, FL 32726

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Acquisition & Development Loans

Construction & Permanent Loans

Mini-Perm, Fixed or Variable Rates

Multi-Family FHA, Fannie & Freddie

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Joint Venture & Equity Financing

Loan Amount: $3 million and up

Property Types:

Office Buildings:

Owner occupied, multi-tenanted or net leased

Retail Centers:

Credit anchored and well located strip centers

Industrial Buildings:

Owner occupied, multi-tenanted or net leased


Conventional, FHA, Fannie & Freddie Loans



Mobile Home Parks:

Adult oriented



Credit Tenant Lease Financing: Credit Tenant Leased (CTL) properties with BBB+ ratings or higher

• 12 month forward permanent with rate lock & construction loan

• Amortization schedules to match lease term, or hangout with Residual Value Insurance (RVI)

• LTV based upon DCR: 1.01 DCR for (NNN) or 1.05 DCR for (NN) for maximum financing

• Non-recourse and assumable

CMA also represents several institutions and individuals seeking acquisition, equity or joint venture opportunities.

All cash and leveraged properties can be considered nationwide.

Term & Amort: 5/20; 10/20; 10/25; 10/30; 15/15; 20/20 (Most all combinations)

Loan to value

• Up to 80% for real estate loans on income producing properties, subject to lender's loan underwriting

• Up to 100% for Investment Grade Rated BBB+ CTL properties

Debt Coverage: 1.25 to 1 on conventional properties and as low as 1.01 to 1.05 on Credit Tenant Leased (CTL) properties

Interest Rates: Priced at a spread over the Ten Year Bond Yield

Rate Calculations:

All interest rates are typically determined by lenders using a variety of base rates, such as LIBOR, prime rate or the 10 year Treasury rate by adding a spread to them. Most all lenders establish a floor rate, depending on their loan underwriting of the deal. Please call for a current rate quote.

NOTE: Interest rate will vary depending on 10-year bond yield, spread and the lender's floor rate


Yield Maintenance, Defeasance or Fixed


Typically none, except for Carve Outs. Varies according to the transaction

Lender's Fee:

Typically none, except for an inspection fee

Origination Fee:

Typically 1%. Varies according to loan size

Closing Cost:

Standard "Out of Pocket", Plus Appraisal, Environmental, and
  Property Inspection Fees.

Please call for current quote on any transaction in process, "Letters of Intent" or Contract.